About Pro Builders Inc

Pro Builders Inc was established in 1984, began operating as a market-driven general contracting company specializing in residential construction. PBi’s deep understanding of the market needs, and proactive involvement in each project, and an honest reputation of completing projects on time and on budget helped the company grow. Since then, PBi has expanded its services and expertise into commercial with greater focus on educational, research and healthcare projects. The competitive advantage of the company has always been its consistency on delivering value to the customer.

Our Values

We believe that quality workmanship and meeting project deadlines are a given and are the minimum requirements for the construction marketplace. A value that has helped our company grow and prosper has been consistency. Consistency in reliability, speed of delivery, and anticipating customers needs to expedite each project. This anticipation is a shift from merely reacting to customers requests to delighting them.

Our Mission

Continue to expand our position in the marketplace by being the general contractor of choice. We believe we have an opportunity to dramatically raise our client’s market share, enhance speed of the construction project and lower their overall building costs. With that goal, we have developed our business model to effectively manage only a few, select projects at any given time, allowing us to focus our full attention, allocate resources quickly, and produce a quality product on time and on budget.

Our Approach

We have a simple approach; we want more than a satisfied client, we want a delighted client. We want a client not for one project but “for life”. After all, in the long-term scheme of business development, client satisfaction is valuable, but client loyalty is priceless. We only employ people who are talented and we invest  in them, to make them Superstars. With the best people on board, we can empower them to take a proactive approach to anticipate our clients’ needs. At PBi we focus on creative solutions to tough problems while minimizing our customer building cost. “Ultimately, our job is to bring to life the vision the architect has created”.